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Personal status update in case you wonder what happened to February's article?!

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Hey there,

Right about this time every month I would share all over social-media a new article on JavaScript and Front-end development, like I've been doing for the past half-year. But this month things have been especially full, so unfortunately I didn't have any time to write a full-length article. Or, better said, I didn't have the time needed to produce something I'm proud of... So instead of a half-baked, written in a single day post, I decided to share what's happening in my life and where I'm going :)

This month is one of 6 in which I'll be lending my development skills, two full days per week. It's a local outsourcing company trying to release their own product: an online video editor. It's the coolest project I ever worked on and it's not easy by any means which only adds to excitement. I work on something cool and challenging which pays the bills so that in my other 5 days I can work on my own stuff.

Speaking of my own stuff, pretty soon I'm gonna start my very own business, hooray 🎉🎉🎉!!! Last year I won a contest for some European funds and right now I'm in the bureaucratic side of the process. But pretty soon this part will be over, I'm gonna have the money and it's gonna be GAME ON! The business is about Front-end, trainings, and people...so stay tuned especially if you're from around my home town, Iasi - Romania.

On a different note, the school year started again and with it the Web Development labs I teach at the local university. I only have 3 of them, 6 hours in total - every Wednesday from 10 to 16:00. But I have to say, it's freakin tiresome to talk about the same thing again and again and again... By 2 o'clock my enthusiasm is at an all time low so I have to consciously make an effort to keep the spirits up.

But on the flip side, it's a great way to put my side project - DevDrive - to test. It's a platform for sharing and giving feedback on coding exercises. I've been working on it in the past 9 months and recently I released version 2.0 which finally makes it useable by the general public. So if you're a tech trainer/teacher, I'd really appreciate if you sign up and give me your feedback.

Hold on, now that I think about it, with DevDrive I might have just found a way to give myself more work... Oh well, at least the students are working at home which makes me happy. Look at all those submitted exercises awaiting feedback ❤

Submitted exercises awaiting feedback

So yeah, that's what's been going on in my life lately. Pretty exciting stuff which unfortunately kept me from writing... Not next month though, I PROMISE!


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I am Pava, a front end developer, speaker and trainer located in Iasi, Romania. If you enjoyed this, maybe we can work together?