About me

Hi, I'm Pava - a Front-end developer, speaker & trainer from Iasi, Romania. In short - a JavaScript troublemaker!

I honestly believe that The Web is the best platform out there, that's why I spend most of my time coding or teaching for it. I've been doing it for over 9 years now, but I'm still as excited as in the first day!

I hang out on Twitter so stop by and say hi! I'd love to meet you!

Pava at JSPubgetting ready to speak atJSPub

A little more...

As you might have guessed my primary programming language is JavaScript. In terms of frameworks/libraries my weapons of choice are React and Angular, but lately I've also been experimenting a lot with what's possible in just Vanilla Javascript.

I'm inspired by the community and strive to have a positive impact in it as well! There are a couple of devs that particularly inspire me the most, so here's a list of their Twitter handles in case you want to follow them too.

Before working for myself I used to work as a Front-end developer at Yonder, where I was very fortunate to have colleagues and mentors that helped me get to where I am now. I also used to be part of a small start-up - Werit - which I've build together with 3 college friends. Although we've now closed the project, as the main Front-end developer in the team I learned a ton of things about building a production-ready app from the ground-up as well as team-management and a little business.

Werit teamWerit team winning best pitch at Innovation Labs

Now I'm secretely working on another project - this time targeted at devs - while also teaching Web Technologies & Client-Side Web Development laboratories at the local university.

When I'm not coding or teaching I'm probably hanging out with my worderful girlfriend, or biking around town - a habbit I picked up while living in Netherlands.

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's my GitHub profile.