Let's get straight to the point:

I think The Web is the best platform out there, with the best community!

That's why I spend a lot of time learning and coding in JavaScript. I've built Werit (which is indeed closed, but a great learning experience nonetheless), some NPM packages, and now I'm working full throttle at DevDrive. You can see more of my work on GitHub.

On the other hand, I also enjoy workshops & speaking gigs, as they allow me to share my passion with the bigger community. I've already trained dozens of developers of all experience levels, and spoken to hundreds more through community events . I'm also teaching Web Technologies & Client-Side Web Development laboratories at the local university.


Freelance work focused on performance & PWAs


On-site training for your team


Public or private speaking gigs

If you're looking to optimize the heck out of your app, or maybe take it to the next level by converting it to a PWA, I'm your guy! I also do "regular" development using React but I do prefer performance or PWA oriented projects since they are more of a challenge :)

And since I'm sure you want to validate my work before hiring me, check out:

  • this blog, which I've built with performance in mind from the very start
  • DevDrive, a performance oriented side-project designed to help me deliver beter tech trainings
  • ... or the ever growing list of articles I've written
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If you're looking for someone to deliver a custom tailored JavaScript workshop, then you've come to the right place!

With a focus on quality, practice ( I expect you to code outside workshop hours ) and a lot of enthusiasm, I'm sure I can help you in your JavaScript journey!

Now, regarding what I can teach, of course I don't know everything about JavaScript... but what I do know, I know BEST!

  • JavaScript essentials - little coding experience required
    • perfect for teams who want to gain a firm understanding of (vanilla) JavaScript
    • by the end you'll be ready to tackle any medium-sized project on your own
    • recommended duration: 75 hours
  • Progressive Web Apps - good understanding of JavaScript required
    • perfect for teams looking to take their projects to the next level
    • by the end you'll be ready to implement all that PWA awesomeness into your project
    • recommended duration: 20 hours
  • Optimize like your life depends on it - good understanding of JavaScript required
    • perfect for teams looking to learn the ins and outs of building performant web apps
    • we'll cover loads of interesting topics, from webpack and a performant build process, to images, videos, fonts, CSS and of course the mighty JavaScript
    • by the end you'll be ready to optimize your project and also put some processes in place so that it stays fast!
    • recommended duration: 25 hours
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If you're organizing a conference or meetup and you're looking for speakers, I'd be happy to help. Because I enjoy sharing my passion with the bigger crowd I'd probably say YES even if it's for free, but it would be nice if the travel expenses are covered.

Now, of course I don't master every subject so I can't really speak about everything. But, I'm constantly learning & experimenting so get in touch and we'll figure something out. Here's the list of all my previous talks .

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